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At Pipple we are convinced of the power of mathematics and A.I. to contribute to a better world. We see data as an important asset for an organization that uses mathematics and A.I. is converted into valuable insights and solutions. Based on creativity and open-mindedness, we build the optimal solutions for the best customers with the best people.

Adapting is surviving, optimizing is winning!

The world is becoming more complex, unpredictable and increasingly dominated by data. Adapting to this is surviving, but optimizing is winning! Optimal use of data makes your organization more innovative, efficient, predictable and sustainable. Our mathematician & A.I. solutions are valuable in various business processes and guarantee optimal results. Powered by Pipple ©

From strategy to implementation

With our extensive experience, track record of innovative data solutions and a focus on collaboration and creativity, we ensure that your organization is optimized. From strategy development to implementation of customized software solutions that also capitalize on the value. We build the data foundation and the A.I. solutions. In addition, we bring your people to the right level with our Academy.

Smartest mathematicians & econometricians

200+ data solutions

Innovative & creative

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By continuously optimizing with data & A.I. Pipple creates organizations:

Discover new insights with data and develop new intelligent services that respond to changing market needs.
• Developing a data-driven organization (digital strategy)
• Developing data-driven products and services
• Developing data-driven employees (Pipple Academy)

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Pipple helps organizations work more efficiently with data, allowing you to optimize processes, reduce costs and errors and make better decisions faster. We do this in both operational and administrative processes.

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Pipple helps customers to better predict the future using data, mathematics and A.I., allowing you to better anticipate developments, reduce risks and make the right strategic decisions.
• Making the right decisions under uncertainty with forecasting and scenario analyses
• Simulations using a Digital Twin
• Modeling (financial) risks

Pipple offers data solutions that address long-term needs and challenges.
• Less waste and better insight into impact on people and climate
• Implementing data governance frameworks to ensure data quality, privacy and security
• Setting up automated data pipelines for efficient data processing and analysis

Our data solutions have an impact in various sectors:

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