An optimal Supply Chain

Many organizations with Supply Chain & Logistics nowadays generate enormous amounts of data and store it in a WMS, TMS or other ERP system. Harnessing this data to create value is another. In a competitive market, new technologies, tight margins, a shortage of skilled workers and changes in customer requirements are creating even greater pressure.
At Pipple, we understand better than anyone the crucial role that data plays in this sector. As mathematical data experts, we create the optimization solutions that are perfectly integrated into your organization.

Optimization through insight

The interpretation of data can be complex. Our experienced team of data professionals turn data into actionable insights. Whether it's forecasting demand, optimizing inventory levels, improving logistics efficiency or minimizing disruptions; We have the knowledge, experience and software solutions in-house.
We help address challenges by applying advanced data analytics, machine learning and optimization techniques. This allows us to achieve better decision-making, more efficient processes and higher customer satisfaction.

We have developed dozens of forecasting and planning solutions for supply chain & logistics to drive innovation and optimize your processes.

Within the supply chain and logistics, Pipple offers various data & A.I. solutions, including:

  • With only a minimal number of data points, we can gain useful insights into various logistical and organizational processes, for example in the picking and invoicing processes. By tracking objects (case ID) along different activities at certain times (timestamps), we can visualize the processes as they actually are. This creates a uniform truth about the execution of a process and thus uncovers 'quick wins', risks or other opportunities for improvement.

  • When making decisions, increasing uncertainty is an important factor, especially within the complexity of a supply chain or operation of a large warehouse. Reducing this uncertainty by using the most advanced prediction techniques can have a significant impact on performance. For example, fluctuating demand causes large fluctuations in workload, which reduces productivity. Predicting customer demand as accurately as possible gives the warehouse the ability to process orders even before they are placed.

  • A large part of the operational costs for most warehouses is caused by the picking process. Most warehouse management systems (WMS) on the market include a standard order batching strategy. Pipple has achieved major savings on picking costs by developing and implementing tailor-made software solutions that perfectly match the operation. We have real-time Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) planners operationally running in various warehouses.

  • Optimization models and algorithms contribute the most to overall performance when applied to the bottleneck of a process. But it's not always clear what part of the process this is. In doing so, it can change over time. By combining optimization models with simulation techniques, we can fine-tune the decision-making of our algorithms even before they are implemented.

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