Pipple is a data agency with a team of creative mathematicians and engineers. We specialize in solving complex issues through data and A.I. With experienced management and partners at the helm, we deliver customized solutions that make an impact in your organization.

At Pipple you can count on an extensive track record and a wealth of experience. With more than 200 successful solutions with leading customers, we have proven that we are reliable and deliver results. Our specialists are ready to support and guide your organization in the next step in your data-driven ambitions.

Unique DNA through three elements

Pi - First of all, there is Pi; the symbol for our field of mathematics and A.I. This is at the heart of our expertise and enables us to develop and implement the most advanced data solutions.

Pippi - In addition, there is Pippi, which symbolizes our open-minded and creative approach. We approach problems in a refreshing way and are not afraid if we have never done something before.

PPP - In other words: People, Planet, Profit. This is our compass and guide in everything we do. We value creating positive impact for organization, people, the environment and society in a sustainable way.