At Pipple, we understand that data and risk management is at the heart of the financial industry and that compliance with laws and regulations is essential. With our speed and creativity, we can help large financial service providers to be ready for the digital future. We are the speedboat that sails ahead and develops innovative data solutions for our customers.

Our team of experts ensures that data is stored and processed in a secure manner. We support you in navigating the complex legal landscapes and ensure that your organization meets all relevant requirements in terms of data security, availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Data-driven organization

Pipple helps maximize data-driven insights and navigate challenges in the financial industry. We work closely together to understand the needs and design a solution. Whether it's product innovation, improving risk management, predicting market trends, or optimizing financial processes, Pipple has the knowledge and experience.

We support, among other things, in:

  • Developing a data strategy
  • Identifying and executing use cases
  • Designing and developing data platforms
  • The use of data scientists and engineers to work in data teams
  • Setting up and executing data projects for custom solutions
  • Developing and giving training (in-house, masterclasses, lectures) to management and professionals.


Pipple creates tailor-made data solutions that meet your specific needs and challenges. By applying advanced data analytics and technologies, we help our customers innovate, optimize operational processes, manage risk and make better decisions.

We offer a variety of data solutions in the financial services industry to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

Within the financial services sector, Pipple offers various data solutions, including:

  • With only a minimal number of data points, we can gain very useful insights into various administrative and operational processes, such as lending, claims management and invoicing. By tracking objects (case ID) along activities at certain times (timestamps), we can visualize the real process. This creates dynamic insights about the execution of a process and thus uncovers 'quick wins', risks or other opportunities for improvement.

  • Development of advanced risk models to help banks and insurers identify, assess and manage risks. Objectives are risk monitoring and reporting, credit risk assessment, capital management and provisioning.

  • By applying A.I. models such as image recognition, for example, claims or lending processes can be improved or even (partly) automated. Employees focus on the exceptions and complex cases, where they can add the most value.

  • Compiling business cases and pricing methodologies for innovative banking and insurance products. Think, for example, of climate insurance or green financing.

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