Tom Beckers, Manager Data Management at Obvion, already suspected that their data collection contained more value than they could have imagined. But he also knew that his organization lacked the right knowledge and technology to capitalize on those opportunities. Tom therefore needed three things: a battery of enthusiastic colleagues, a substantiated plea to invest in data science and clear advice to organize this new discipline. For this he called in Pipple.

Creating support for data science turned out to be a breeze

When can we start? That was invariably the question when Pipple consultant Robin had spoken to a department within Obvion again. With a roadshow, he managed to convince almost twenty departments in one month that data science can even be used to realize seemingly utopian wishes. ‘With inspiring example cases with other clients, he even managed to tap into new needs’, says Tom.

But only the soapbox was insufficient to get the hands together for an investment in a better technical instrumentation, he knew. And so Tom, together with Pipple, opted for an approach that suits both their practical attitude: they made the boundaries of Obvion’s existing technology visible on the basis of a use case, along with the beckoning perspective of data science.

Artificial Intelligence needed for predictions

Of all the wishes Robin picked up from the business during his roadshow, he explored the most profitable: identifying forecasters to switch to a competitor. Tom: ‘Using only Excel and our existing data warehouse, Robin made a standardized periodic report that we would not have thought possible ourselves. That alone showed how useful it is to have mortgage experts talk to a data expert.’ With Artifcial Intelligence, a much bigger battle could be achieved, Robin showed. Tom: ‘AI saves us time in the management and management of data, we learned. And if we can predict who is likely to switch, we can prevent this more often, for example through targeted marketing and sharply informed advisors.’

With the savings that this use case alone generates, we have earned back the process with Pipple within three months

– Tom Beckers, Manager Data Management at Obvion

Payback period of three months

Thanks to Robin’s crystal-clear advisory process, Tom was able to substantiate much better internally why data science should be given a structural place within Obvion. And that without a penny of pain. ‘With the savings that this use case alone generates, we have earned back the process with Pipple within three months’, he estimates.

He found the collaboration with Pipple very pleasant: ‘Robin, and also Jeroen, not only think along about the choices for the future, but also master the technology. At most agencies, these are two different roles, so you have to switch with several people. Because of their level of knowledge, Pipple has half a word to know what you want, from strategy to execution. That created trust, saved me a lot of time and made them not only think but also act. Just what I needed.’

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