Yesterday is history & tomorrow is a mystery. And within that mystery, we try to recognize patterns for our customers that provide tools for better decision-making. With mathematical techniques from hundreds of years old to the latest techniques from the A.I. world. We lay the data foundation for this and translate this into tailor-made solutions for our customers and society.

At Pipple we are also constantly on the move to be ready for tomorrow. For example, we have welcomed a number of great new customers, data scientists Claudia and Joyce have joined team Pipple, we have launched the Pipple Academy, we are busy with the organization of Women in Data Science NL 2022 and we will be 6 years old in June. A period in which we have achieved many great things and are far from finished. There is still so much to improve. Or as we say at Pipple: “Adapting is surviving, optimizing is winning!”

Questions about the latest news, events and PR?

Thijs can tell you everything about our organization, mission and vision. He would love to get in touch with you!

Thijs Verhaegh
Marketing Manager