Jan van Doremalen, Jeroen de Haas, Mark Hoevenaars, board Bits of Help


The Bits of Help Foundation launches a non-profit platform for digital services in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence for non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The seven organisations CQM, ICT Nederland, Fruitpunch, Greenhouse, Pipple, Sioux Technologies and Soltegro have joined forces in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence. Bits of Help is a collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions, education and non-profit organizations.

Jeroen de Haas, chairman of Stichting Bits of Help and director of Pipple: “The affiliated organizations feel an intrinsic motivation to contribute to social objectives. Our talent works daily on digital transformations and solutions to create commercial value for our customers. From now on, we will make this experience and expertise available to Dutch NGOs to help them achieve their goals.”

Bits of Help supports organizations in realizing concrete solutions so that – often already available information – is used more efficiently in realizing their goals.


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