Many companies, including NGOs and other nonprofit organizations, benefit from data science. With the use of the right datamodels they can help even more people because, for example, their efficiency up, whether they have a better understanding of what kind of help they can best provide in which place. This kind of not-for-profit/non-profit agencies (NGOs) however, often do not have a budget for data science, allowing social opportunities lost. Under the motto ‘the only thing that will redeem mankind Is cooperation’ of mathematical and Nobel laureate Bertrand Russell, his six data-driven companies Soltegro, ICT Group, CQM, Greenhouse, Sioux and Pipple entered into a partnership to NGOs help.


Development Goals

Many of these organizations have an objective that is fallt under the Sustainable Development Goals, a United Nations (UN) initiative that lists 17 social and sustainable agenda items for all UN member states to be achieved by 2030. With the partnership ‘Data & Purpose‘ we hope NGOs with data science and AI to support at achieving their goals. It is very nice to have as a data company in this way have the opportunity to indirect a pebble at at wear to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Jeroen de Haas (Director Pipple).






At Pipple we work for years along with organizations as 510 – the data initiative of the Dutch Red Cross and The Ocean Cleanup. Models developed for oure customers can often with a little adjustment are used at NGOs. For example, work has been done on a model that determines how resources honest divided kunnen be among areas where it was most needed. In addition, Pipple helped to map the impact of past disasters to make it possible to forecast the impact of a future disaster. So kan help is provided most quickly in the most vulnerable places.

Pipple put workstudents from Pipple into these organizations who are supervised by experienced employees of Pipple. By optimizing and innovating together, we learn we from each other. As a result is not only the NGO helped, but is dhe knowledge and expertise of social applications within Pipple also wider. As a result we still more organizations can help. This is how we work together to build a better future where commercial and social challenges go hand in hand.

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