Just a Friday but not just another day at the office. It was a huge honour that today none other than the world’s best-known econometrician and Nobel Prize winner Guido Imbens visited our office. Imbens, Professor of Applied Econometrics at Standford University, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2021 along with Joshua Angrist and David Card. Imbens & co received the prize for their research into the possibility of so-called natural experiments to explain causal relationships. This makes it possible to demonstrate the effects of policy on the economy in econometric research. “My research method can help policymakers and is still used in many studies. Also, for example, to analyse the effect of the policy during the corona pandemic,” says Imbens.

Pipple is more focused on business applications and when I simply explain who we are, I sometimes jokingly say a club of econometricians who want to win the Nobel Prize for Data Science. It does not exist at all, but it says something about our ambitions. That is why it was a huge honor for us that Guido wanted to share his story and inspiration with us. A story about global pioneering and gratitude for the Dutch educational base. It was a meeting to remember. And mom, thanks for arranging the appointment ;-)” according to Jeroen de Haas

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