After a lot of brainstorming and optimization, we can finally announce it: Pipple has a new website! And we are very proud of that. Where on our old website you could sometimes get lost in a maze of information (because we wanted to share our knowledge so badly), all information has now been given a clear, own place on the website. This allows our website visitors to quickly read up on us as a company, the Pipple way of working and of course the success stories that we can share from our customers. In order to be able to share all our activities with you, we have created a separate place on the website where all our news items and the upcoming events can be found.

We are very happy and proud to be able to share the new website with you. Because, for an organization where growth and optimization is the main focus, the optimization of your own website should of course not be missing!

Questions about the latest news, events and PR?

Thijs can tell you everything about our organization, mission and vision. He would love to get in touch with you!

Thijs Verhaegh
Marketing Manager