As of September 1, Marco van den Ouden has been appointed as Pipple’s new partner. Marco has been a director of Datlinq BV for the past 12 years. With clients such as FrieslandCampina, Unilever and Red Bull, he brings a wealth of experience in successfully solving business issues in the food market by applying data and data science.

“The food market is also in a transformation to data-driven operations. From reducing waste water, improving product quality, optimizing logistics, or better understanding the customer. Making better decisions based on data and math just now makes for a more successful and future-proof business.” van den Ouden said.

With already strong positions in logistics, high tech, financial services and healthcare, Marco’s arrival also seeks a leading position in the food market. We therefore like to think along with managements about the right data strategy and deliver concrete solutions for improving existing processes.

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