“You can’t do anything alone. You will have to do it together.’ – Johan Cruijff

The World Cup is coming up and it’s time to take a stand. Pipple turns orange. But this time also black. Football must never be at the cost of human lives. With this shirt we pay tribute to the 6500 workers who died during the construction of the stadiums in Qatar. This t-shirt is a special redesign of the original 1974 World Cup T-shirt in which Johan Cruijff led the Dutch national team to the final against West Germany. This special edition features the seven flags of the countries where the guest workers come from. The message: #dontturnyourback. Only 6500 pieces were made to make a powerful statement out of that horrific number. All profits are donated to the PRO2 foundation, aimed at helping the families of the deceased guest workers.

Will you also color orange/black this World Cup? https://www.cruyff.com/nl_NL/legacy/

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