At Pipple, we believe in the power of mathematics and A.I.. By creatively incorporating this into data solutions, we help organizations innovate. From developing intelligent systems that automate complex tasks to advanced image recognition algorithms – we continuously strive for ways to make available data technologies practically applicable and valuable. This enables your organization to make better decisions, develop new services or products, and create or serve other markets.

Pipple innovates

"Why do you want to work with A.I.?" or "What value does A.I. bring that other techniques don't?" are questions we ask to help organizations understand when they want "something with big data and A.I." We start with getting the goal clear in mind. We then use advanced techniques, such as machine and deep learning, to determine what the potential is. We then develop and implement tailor-made A.I. solutions that ensure efficiency, automation and better decisions. With our focus, we take your organization to a higher level in order to gain a competitive advantage in the future.

  • Image recognition
  • Email classification
  • Damage detection