Enthusiasm for data alone is no guarantee of success, as Ennatuurlijk’s management learned. What is crucial is a clear vision and a plan with appropriate support to implement this across the company. This journey is currently being undertaken with Pipple.

“We realized that leveraging data optimally is one of the key requirements for the future sustainability of our company when we established our new strategy three and a half years ago,” says Stefan Suurmond, the financial director at Ennatuurlijk, a Dutch heating company that emerged as a spin-off from Essent in 2014. “That’s why we initiated an experimental department. It went so well that more and more colleagues realized the value of data in improvement efforts. And also how enjoyable it is; with visible results, improvement becomes a sport.”

Cleanup and Rules of Engagement

More and more colleagues began to experiment with data themselves. “This was generally positive, but because we didn’t exercise enough control over it, roles and responsibilities became unclear over time. As a result, we lost control over our data model, the data warehouse, and the quality of data products. Meanwhile, various departments were eager with stacks of use cases in hand,” says the digital team.

The DELTA-model by Davenport

Pipple, with partner Joep van den Tillaart, was quickly enlisted; Joep himself had worked at Ennatuurlijk until 2017. Pipple played the trump card that helps organizations in similar situations navigate through the complexity: the DELTA model (by Thomas Davenport). It outlines five essential pillars for successful data-driven work. If one pillar is not in order, the entire structure collapses.

  • Data
    • A robust data platform, a clear quality standard, and agreements on who is responsible for which data.
  • Enterprise
    • Clear processes to unlock data across the company and connect it, including a clear data desk.
  • Leadership
    • A management team that understands the value of data and encourages its use.
  • Targets
    • Agreement on long and short-term goals, the associated use cases, and their prioritization.
  • Analytics
    • Availability of the right skills to execute the use cases.

Unfiltered Look into Operations

Joep explains that Pipple applies the DELTA model in several steps. “First, we investigate with the client where the company stands regarding the different pillars. We do this by interviewing individuals and teams at all levels and parts of the company. What do you want to achieve? Where are you stuck? What can you do yourselves? What do you want to learn? And to what extent do you feel supported by management? It’s ideal if we can tackle low-hanging fruit during the scan, such as auditing the data platform in parallel with the interviews, as we did with Ennatuurlijk. This gives you an unfiltered look into operations. We then feed the scan results back to the client. Together, we determine which use cases are essential to become future-proof and what adjustments in the data landscape are necessary. Then we develop a roadmap for this. And if the client wishes, we also assist with implementation. Ultimately, this is where the most added value lies.”


While Pipple may use a generic model, the outcome is certainly not a blueprint. On the contrary, it provides a sharp picture of the organization, as Stefan noticed. “With respect for every perspective, regardless of ranks, positions, and expertise, Pipple canvassed all departments of our organization. Their scan brought many eye-openers to our management team. Not just technically, but also in terms of behavior and culture. In terms of leadership, they also held up a mirror to us. This led to a masterclass for the management team, where Pipple demonstrated what is currently common practice in data science and which developments are particularly interesting for Ennatuurlijk.”

Human Connection

The DELTA scan also sparked something in the corridors, according to Stefan. “Since colleagues have had the chance to personally meet Pipple, they know: this professional group will help us realize our wishes. This brings peace of mind, which adds to Pipple’s credibility. They are clearly not a ‘consultancy firm from the Zuidas’, but young enthusiasts who genuinely connect with the people who work here. They are not out to deliver an expensive report, but genuinely want to help us move forward and make an impact for the Netherlands.”

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