Pippledag; A beautiful Thursday afternoon where we all come together. A moment of updates, knowledge sharing and above all: fun! Every time, Pippelaars voluntarily put together an extensive program in which Uninhibited, Creative and Subservient are central as our core values. In this way we like to learn from each other and creative ideas arise with which we can (you guessed it) serve our customers again. Read more about the past Pippledag here.

Last Pippledag was all about problems for which AI can offer a solution; from small processes to major adjustments in an organization. Two talks later, given by our information security and AI experts, the entire team was provided with new information and the brainstorm was started. Divided over four groups, great initiatives emerged from which the Technical Heart of Pipple will make a selection to further develop them.

To keep thinking out of the box, we then visited the solo exhibition ‘Never mind reality’ by artist Coen van Rooij. With his beautiful story he takes you along in the process from idea to tangible work. He explains what you encounter as an artist and how body and mind are the drivers for his works.

Pipple is always looking for connection and innovation, so we keep each other sharp and every project remains a new adventure. The Pippledagen are therefore incredibly valuable for our team to gain new ideas together.

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Thijs Verhaegh
Marketing Manager