Privacy and data. Two inseparable parts of the GDPR. Through a variety of protocols, organizations must ensure that data is protected and properly applied. That can be quite a challenge to get right. Especially when personal data is involved.

But what if a customer wants his data erased? Under that same GDPR, everyone has the “right to be forgotten” (on certain grounds). The personal data that was first secured must now be deleted. That can be quite a challenge. The data is spread across multiple data sources, with different access rights and in various file formats. Sometimes they are part of spreadsheets and documents. Deleting this data, without losing information that does need to be kept, is often a time-consuming task.

Together with partners from the EIT digital network, Pipple is developing a solution; Oblivion.
Oblivion is a tool that helps organizations with all the important steps and actions. It examines and analyzes data sources and then provides insight into what data resides where.

As a Technology Provider, Pipple developed a “classification module” for data and text mining. This machine learning algorithm recognizes the type of data in different sources and then determines where personal data resides.

Want to learn more about Oblivion or the techniques behind it? Let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

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