Joep van den Tillaart, partner at Pipple, received one of Europe’s largest couriers from the logistics sector for an inspiration session.

Pipple has been proud of the cooperation with this player for years and always talks with great pleasure about the previous, successful improvements with regard to the operational warehouse process. A valuable insight into the data flows was created and space was created. Space to explore the new possibilities and continue even more growth and optimization! AI and the use of data play a major role in optimizing processes.
During the session, experts in the field of IT, data platforms, business improvements and site management were gathered to jointly dive deep into the data to identify the challenges of the organization and discuss solutions.
All with the aim of mapping the next steps of the data-driven journey. Working faster, more efficiently and more innovatively with the data that comes in every day: that was the end point! Something that Pipple is of course very good at.

Our expertise in the field of logistics and data could be perfectly used during the inspiration session. Where is the most potential per issue and what is needed to fully realize it? That question was again successfully answered during the session.

Curious about what an inspiration session can do for your organization? Feel free to contact Joep, he likes to think along.

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Thijs Verhaegh
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