What is the quality of our trainers who train local supervisors? War Child

has recently been able to answer that question in the blink of an eye thanks to the dashboards that Pipple recently realized for them. The aid organization needed well-structured dashboards on this theme because local training – for example in the field of parenting and stress – is a form of intervention that they use a lot. Its quality is therefore an important indicator of War Child’s impact.

Data from evaluation forms
A four-person team from Pipple built the dashboards and initiated and linked the data flows for them. The dashboard tells, among other things, to what extent the trainer has followed the steps of the training program and how many students attend the lessons. The data comes from physical evaluation forms that auditors fill out and knock in on site.

Data & Purpose
This project is a good example of ‘Data Science with Purpose’. Pipple makes Data Science accessible in an accessible way to charities and foundations that contribute to creating a more beautiful world. Another small step closer to the Nobel Prize for Data Science.

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