The use of data is exciting. Especially in the football world, people prefer to rely on the experience and expertise of their professionals, rather than making decisions based on data. But what if you can use data to calculate your opponent’s scoring chances?

In recent months, Jerom has made it a ‘sport’ at RKC Waalwijk to develop a tool that analyzes the opponent’s game. “When players change positions, you see that the control zones change. The focus is mainly on the areas that are dominated by the opponent within the defensive line of RKC Waalwijk. I trained the tool to capture danger in a number, to get an analysis of this after the game. – According to Jerom

We believe that it is only a matter of time before this tool will be used in practice. Or as Louis van Gaal so beautifully translates it: “It’s a question of time.”

Jerom started his graduation adventure at Pipple at the beginning of this year and will have his defense at Tilburg University on July 19. We wish Jerom a lot of success! Or as they say during the match: Hup, Jerom, Hup!

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