Have you always wanted to see the inside of Pipple’s office, meet Pipple’s data scientists in real life or have a drink with the Pippelaars? We can’t wait… because on Thursday 31 March 2022 the lecture Data Translator is planned. During this lecture, our own Pippelaars demonstrate how data science can contribute to a better world.

Normally we offer the lectures completely free of charge. However, in view of the circumstances in Ukraine, we see this moment as an opportunity to contribute together. That is why we ask you for a voluntary contribution of € 50,-. Pipple will double this amount. The proceeds will benefit Giro 555.

You are cordially invited to participate in the lecture of Thursday 31 March! Are you curious about the course of the lecture? Then read on.


Where: Pipple office

Address: Gashouder 36B, Eindhoven

When: Thursday 31 March 2022

What time: 17:00 – 21:00


17:00 – 18:00 Food

18:00 – 19:00 hours Theory

19:00 – 21:00 hours Perform/practice

21:00 End lecture


Bring: Laptop


What can you expect?

During the upcoming lecture, our Pippelaars will explain the basic concept of Data Translator , so that you can eventually apply the technique in a hands-on tutorial.

When solving our clients’ complex planning problems, it is important to create an understanding of the topic between the client and the data scientist/data engineer. The customer is the domain expert and knows how the business works. The data scientist knows how to create improvements for this business based on the data.

Planning problems arise in several areas:
– Home health care planning, e.g. connect nurses to patients based on travel distances (Care).
– Planning the perfect walking route in a warehouse (Supply chain and logistics).
– Plan the best route for all vehicles (Transport).

Things to address are:
– Create a common terminology. What do we call things, what exactly do they mean? Both the customer and Pipple must agree on this.
– Create a domain model, also understandable for the customer, in which Pipple translates the business concepts into understandable entities and mutual relationships.
– Link the entities and their properties to the underlying data providers (files, databases, web services/APIs).
– Describe constraints for solving the scheduling problem.

During this lecture we solve a concrete planning problem:
– We are beginning to define the domain model in a way that our customers can understand.
– Map it with the available data.
– Define the limitations based on the data.
– Workshop: Using the Optaplanner we define the domain model and solve the problem with hard and soft constraints (restrictions).

The lecture Data Translator will be given on 31 March 2022 by Ralf van Meer and Stan Wintraecken. Ralf will give the majority of the lecture and Stan will fill in the part in which he explains a concrete case as Pipple has carried out with the client.

Are you interested in participating? There are a limited number of places available. So be quick and register now by sending an email to event@pipple.nl

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