Finding your way in the wilderness is quite a challenge. Especially when it comes to a wilderness of data and information. To successfully navigate your way through the data jungle, you need guidance and perspective. As you explore the wilderness, Pipple will show you the way in finding the best route.

To familiarize you with the data jungle, Pipple organizes the lecture “Finding your way in the data jungle” on Thursday 15 September.

Geert Jongen (Data Scientist & Data Pipeline Expert) and Harm Bodewes (Data & Analytics Advisor) will show you in this lecture how companies have dealt with data in recent decades. They explain both the differences and similarities of standard relational databases, data warehouses, data lakes, lakeshouses, and data mesh.

Afterwards, there will be a workshop in which you will build your own modern data pipeline in groups using the latest tools and insights. Experience with Phyton or SQL is useful, but not required!

Do you dare to take a step into the data jungle?
Register now (FREE) for the lecture via the link below and hopefully we will see you on September 15th.

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