AMSTERDAM, Sept. 22, 2020 – More focus on inclusivity and the benefits of women in data science: that is the mission of Global Women in Data Science. The conference has been held annually at Stanford University and 150+ locations worldwide since 2015, but is making its first appearance in Amsterdam on Sept. 24. The Dutch version of the event is an initiative of Pipple, a data science agency with locations in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. The live event will take place at Rosarium Amsterdam for 100 invited guests, followed by eight live webinars on various dates in September and October. Women in Data Science Amsterdam is free to attend. The language of instruction is English.

Focus on female role models in data science
Global Women in Data Science is held annually at Stanford University and at more than 150 locations worldwide. The conference is an initiative of Dutch Margot Gerritsen. Gerritsen is a professor at Stanford University and friends with a former employee of Pipple, the data science firm that is organizing the Dutch conference. Roos Rooijakkers, data scientist at Pipple: “Women are underrepresented in data science. We want to use this event to show that there are female role models in data science as well, to encourage better balance and inclusivity within the field.”

Building data-driven organization
All speakers at Women in Data Science Amsterdam are female. Rooijakkers: “Women in Data Science is meant to be an inspiration, for women, but also for others. The event promotes the visibility of female role models. Content is mainly about the development and application of data science and what data science means for companies, and within society and education.” The event focuses not only on the data scientist, but also on students and companies oriented to the possibilities of data science. No prior knowledge is required to participate.

Talks to watch (back) online
Although the live event on Sept. 24 is only open to 100 invited guests due to corona, all talks during Women in Data Science Amsterdam can be viewed online, after registration. The five presentations will be given by Annette Mosman (APG), Janneke Niessen (CapitalT), Sacha van de Weijer – de Jong (KPN), Robey de Jong (Rabobank) and Michelle Gregory (ScienceParkInc). In addition to the live event, eight webinars will take place from Sept. 29 to Oct. 22, sharing even more knowledge and case studies. The webinar speakers are Olivera Rakic (APG,, Serena Faruque (SAS), Esther de Vries (JBZ), Britt van Ballekom & Muriel Schulte (Yacht), Esther Weusthof and Maaike Hoogeboom (Achmea), Zeinab Bakthiarnoodeh (TomTom), Irene van der Lugt (Rabobank) and Margot Gerritsen (Prof. Stanford University, founder WiDS Worldwide), who is back in the Netherlands for this event after 30 years.*

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